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  • Rainha Mainha
    olá , depois que entrou essas novas tarefas e competiçoes , o jogo travou. não consigo mais abrir nada. . 
    Que posso fazer para melhorar . senão vou ter que deletar o jogo e sair 

    January 15
    • Céline Sandra Escolano
      Céline Sandra Escolano
      Please, can you delete your browser's history and cache, as well as all temporary files?


      Update your browser to the latest version on the developer's website. The best option is now the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. You can download it here - https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/

      If the problems persist, please take a screenshot of your browser with the console open. Send a screenshot of Google Chrome to tech support and make sure the tab is "Console".
      Here's how you do it:
      1. Open the page with the game in your browser.
      2. Open the console: press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + letter "i"
      3. Reload the page with the game
      4. Wait until the reload stops, the content of the Console page will be updated.
      5. When it stops reloading / updating, take a screenshot of the full page with the game and console content.
      This will help us a lot to see what is causing loading problems in your game.
      Our developers can't wait to see your screenshot. Send a screen from your console to our support:
      "Help Center" above your game, at the bottom of the "Contact Us" page
      Give your game ID (number under your game) and a valid email for the answer;)

      It should look like this: http://prntscr.com/iiai12 The combination Ctrl + Shift + i should be the same for all browsers.
      ~ Céline 🌺

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