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  • Or you could take the time to read other threads on here where it's explained clearly. *shrug*
  • Check if they are in your inventory instead, under the army tab.
    in Elf-Acher Comment by CdM May 2014
  • You're only allowed so many pavilions for your level as the game naturally allows, with the option to buy more for 19 qrystals. I don't recall what the numbers are at what level and when the options to buy an extra 1 or 2 come along, but I maxed my …
    in new and learning Comment by CdM May 2014
  • Yes, he must be taken once you get him, and must be placed on one of the blue squares, then you get to place the regular warriors in the remaining blue squares.
    in storm of swords Comment by CdM May 2014
  • You need to build it, it becomes an option to build once you reach a certain level (it's on the forum somewhere in a topic when it opens up), it requires 6? construction upgrades before it can used to buy or sell, it's a long tedious thing to achiev…
    in new and learning Comment by CdM May 2014
  • Are you researched enough is probably the big question? Are you using swords or guards, I used all guards at 87% research, as per my topic a few below this one. Are you stringing them out and picking them off or trying to swarm them all at once?
    in Camp Besieged Comment by CdM April 2014
  • You'll get 5 qrystals every week if you log in every day, so they're easily built back up. You can't really nerf yourself in the game in any way that can't be recovered with a bit of time and effort.
  • I finally got around to doing this, it wasn't so bad. I took a ballista, 4 guards and the hero. Guards on about 82% research, ballista never researched before, hero with a decent amount of research over the three types. I swarmed the first darkling…
  • All of the scenery disappears in an attack, so they're just empty spots of ground. Building a wall of trees or shrubs or carts or whatever has no effect on an enemy, they're just so your base looks pretty when you see it.
    in hi !!! Comment by CdM April 2014
  • I have had the offer for the Archeress repeated again for 24hrs. I couldn't say if it's random, or on an anniversary date from the first offer.
    in Question Comment by CdM March 2014
  • To be able to train and research the higher tier warriors, you first need to completely research the lower ranked version. So for a swordmaster, you need to first fully research all the upgrades for the hireling that then lets you research swordmast…
    in Question Comment by CdM March 2014
  • IIRC, it becomes available to build about lvl 14 or so
  • I did this with my guards researched somewhere near 60% (4 weapon, 3 initiative and remaining were health researches) and Crashton researched in guards about 5 or 6 slots. I kept my troops together using smaller moves while exploring and tend to kee…
  • Once getting the 3 stars and all the resource loot, you have the option to continue on and clear out everything esle. If you have time and warriors it can be worth it for a fishing expedition. On rare occasion a bonus item will drop from a killed wa…
  • Here is a map of the Rune Master's screen showing the three waves of attacks. When you get a warrior near the second wave that has 3 skeleton archers, 4 spearletons appear out of ambush roughly where the splat in the road is. I lost 2 guards on this…
    in Rune masters Comment by CdM March 2014
  • Palisades are a defence wall. They have hitpoints and the enemy can attack them and destroy them. Archers can shoot over them. They work as a delaying object, invaders will have to either destroy them to get past or walk around their ends
    in hi !!! Comment by CdM March 2014
  • If you have nothing else to do with cash, a few hundred lumps of coal in storage is always good as well.
  • Each archery set you sell is worth $48.5k so $242.5k if you sell all 5, plus whatever bonus cash they are offering for all 5, usually somewhere in the $50k bonus range I've noticed though it does vary. They really don't explain it very well on the p…
  • I just did this. A pair of undead horsemen at the start with 3 subsequent skeleton archer/sword/spear ambushes and a final 4 undead horsemen. I took all guards on mid 60's research with Crashton having a decent research as well. It cost me one hero …
    in Deadman's Pass Comment by CdM March 2014
  • I found my locusts - oops guardsmen - a little fragile in the beginning, besides which I just couldn't afford enough of them. I used the regular hirelings as a cheap replaceable meat shield until the guards got a little more research on them, by whi…
  • Yes, it is in the long run. In the short term I'd say get yourself to 2nd tier units - of whatever style you like - for better raiding and then go back to the market and start upgrading it. The requirements do feel a lot at the kind of level you're …
  • Just above the shop icon is the pointer icon, select that and it pops up a little menu which includes a move to inventory pointer.
  • I nuked that with guardsmen at 39% research with more damage and initiative than health. I only lost the 2 bonus heroes for that one, everyone survived quite happily. It really would be nice to go back to missions or at least randomised mixes of old…
  • A few extra tips from my recent, casual play. I am not a power gamer, I just log in 2x per day and even then for not a huge amount of time. The morning login is usually just to collect materials and do any additional construction projects. This is …

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