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  • Update BBnB is changing to Coldstream Raiders. If you want to be part up this covenant, please apply to Coldstream Raiders, not Beer Bacon n Bikinis. Also, this is an opportunity low-to-mid level players to get onboard with the Coldstream Allianc…
  • This morning: Round 1: Venators vs. Tectopaths. I chose the Venators because they are faster, hit harder, and have the ability to protect themselves from damage. The Tectopaths won convincingly. Round 2: Venators vs. Tectopaths. OK, obviously we …
  • Yes. All chat, all messages, all communications. If this is a Flash limitation, then select/copy could be implemented by adding a "Copy Text" button next to the lineitem. But most simply, just allowing people to select the text and use …
  • There have been times when I wanted to send a private messages to a GLM or LM of another covenant to say something that I did not want all the members of the covenant to see on the message stream. It would have been useful. The problems I can fore…
  • On (1): I was actually proposing trading between players. I imagined a player putting out an offer e.g., to buy wood and offer stone. The proposal to fix the exchange rate was just a mechanism for preventing a person with multiple accounts from sc…
  • Is it possible to search for a covenant after you have already joined a covenant? That option only shows up when you are not a member of any covenant. I certainly agree with this suggestion. Just yesterday I was trying to find where Ooh went. Be…
  • It is. When I hover over my elite concios I see the elite ability listed. Like all elite abilities in PvP mode, the game decides when it uses them against you.
  • Could the enemy units have been elite conciopaths? The elite ability for conciopaths is a 1-turn immunity to stun, fear, and control.
  • This is not that bad of an idea. Farmland allows it and it does not hurt the profitability of that game. Two simple rules would address the concern about crystals. 1. You can only trade for items that available at your level. Basically, if you c…
  • I support the idea. I've had the same thought for months.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. You are correct. I should just appreciate all the help people give to me. I've been thinking about joining a covenant. Maybe I'll start another thread to discuss the pros and cons.

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