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  • Make friends with someone. This forum is quite dead, but on the facebook fan-page you only need to post some nonsense and in the evening you have more friend requests than you need (or want). Or send one request to me: 'Andreas der Juengere' :)
  • Hi James. It looks like a malfunction perhaps? Try to kill ALL rangers of an enemy and see if this does the trick? (Just one idea). If nothing else goes: why not invest 3 crystals and focus on what is next ;)
  • Don't be mad. Think! --- We can do nothing about losing so-and-so-many points. But when you keep upgrading, your scores become higher. This game helps those who are strong already. What we need to do, is to become strong as well.
  • We had a similar equest earlier. For the time being, you can try to be quick enough and see the 'path of destruction' when you log in. It gives you an indication of what has happened. If you then look at your opponent in the revenge function - you …
  • (Quote) The point you miss is that there are INDEED people dumb enough :P And I like it somehow, because they are relatively easy to defeat. I have not one purchase unit, and I get along well enough. Stormcaller - I keep it for the good old times a…
  • Dominic, the number of gold-status players is proof that it is possible :) Indrikis is right: upgrade, upgrade, upgrade... These thresholds are a test in a way: if you are determined, if you try again and don't give up: you will be successful. It ma…
  • (Quote) It is NOT :D --- you can place it between a sign post and a bench, surround it with a Christmas trees and some shrubs. Then you lean back and look at your pretty castle (while others fight battles for gaining points) --- --- --- As an after…
  • (Quote) Go to 'Shop'. Upper bar - right button (the one with the irresistably green arrow design) :)
  • Elmer, I agree 99% :) There have been so many negative comments on facebook - even before people had tested out the new situation. Nice to see that there are some positive thinkers here as well :). We see a change and we need to respond to it. Moani…
  • (Quote) Forget it. All has changed now ;)
  • (Quote) Have patience and build up step by step by step. You will later have 2 foundries (plus one extra if you want to spend crystals). My impression is, that the first 15 levels are more like a tutorial, so that you know your tools. Many things t…
  • (Quote) Indrikis: A forum becomes alive when people participate. Similar like the idea of orders - heh heh heh ;) (y.k.w.I.m.)
  • It is like real life: When you f..k up, you'll pay a price :D A six months rate for a reply does not surprise me in THIS forum :)
  • You don't beat them for now. Beat others and rise in rank ;) One day later you will smile about opponents that today frighten you. :)
  • How to eliminate the dwarf bomber: Spread a few warriors around it, but a little apart from each other, and out of attack range. Next, place one bait to lure the dwarf to approach - it will not kill your warrior but brings the dwarf into your own at…
  • Unlike the lowest ranks, Guards and Shooters also become better each time your Hero is upgraded (depending on the relevant symbol - there is a thread about this detail) I have 12 Guards on the battlefield, and 5 in the inventory (as spare). When you…
  • I never 'bought' one of the extra units and don't regret it: Any of those look frightening in the beginning, but once your own level of warriors increases, they all become cannon-fodder. Especially when we consider that later on we have the heroes, …
  • (Quote) I agree. It was usefull in the beginning, but later could not match any longer with the increasingly other units. I revived it 2 or three times and then found better ways to spend crystals.
  • Have a look in your inventory: They may be stored away there. If all goes well, you will find all of them having a looooong lunch break :D
  • (Quote) Is that confirmed? The whole story is a little confusing :D
  • Indeed: I killed my first one today :D And with him the WHOLE castle - just to vent my grudge that my opponent had one and I don't. :D :D :D heh heh
  • I did not: only 3 huge chests left, and I wanted to buy them with crystals - last minute via mobile phone. (It would have been the only time when I was willing to pay.) Only to see a message that my phone provider is not approved for the payment. T…
  • It is not possible right now. But I also would like to see this option.
  • You may be right - If only we would know what you say :)
    in sava? raporu Comment by Hakim July 2014
  • One other thing: This is a GAME! //// Would you like to buy a world champion title for running, when you have never run before? I D O N ' T !!!
    in Mage tower Comment by Hakim July 2014
  • I agree very much to the points about cheating programs. However: there are little kids around who believe that they can buy their way up - but they cannot buy wits and experience. Let us beat them with our brain-power and see how much they enjoy sp…
    in Mage tower Comment by Hakim July 2014
  • A long while ago for me as well... Don't run into the opponent as if this is a pacman game. Stay in a group just out of range of the majority of Zombies', then pick one after the other. I see two possibilities for your present failure: - the Zombies…
  • There is not ONE best defense. You learn best with your own victories because you see what works and what does not. Some of my own observations: Your walls do not keep away archers and ballista. So placing them very close to the castle gives me a qu…
  • After all, it is not so negative when we think more about it: Can we fight an advanced magic player? - Not really. So, isn't it better to have less opponents like this? In average we have better chances to win battles while we are in the lower ranks…
  • Serbia dissappeared, reappeared and later renamed. Points are jumping up and down there. It looks like a major earthquake over there. Travellers are advised to avoid the region :D
  • There is also room in: the Fourth Empire
    in Order Comment by Hakim July 2014
  • I know of one other freshly founded and seriously looking: the Fourth Empire
    in Orders Comment by Hakim July 2014
  • Well, my fellow friends: 'Friedensbringer' meanwhile is well under way. As an alternative we now can offer:' the Fourth Empire' (definitely an improvement to the third...)
  • Your Hero is a Gentleman :)
  • Andres, you will need to use English language here :) / The 'rune masters' is a mission in the campaigns. After you have completed, you can build both tower and dwarven smithy
    in torre runica Comment by Hakim June 2014
  • There was no announcement :( This recent change is indeed not too welcome; but what can we do? Continue battles... / After all, the game is still a game only, not?
  • That is to protect the best. And we lesser ones are supposed to struggle and to spend cash on crystals :)
    in mage tower Comment by Hakim June 2014
  • You're not wrong. Woody, you would be well advised to spend your extras only when you need them. The potion for example also comes with winning some campaigns.
  • Ce n'est pas possible, je pense. Sebastien: Ce forum parle Anglais, donc il n'y avait trop de responses pour toi :)
  • Yes. In real life an experienced workforce has more value. But to insert that into this game is maybe asked too much. Anyway - there are so many exciting details already... :)
  • Hi Andy, Our own order is full already. Please contact a good friend of mine: 'Joachim Sens',; I talked to him and they ARE interested. You can also befriend me under: 'Andreas der Juengere'. Feel welcome: Andreas
    in Orders Comment by Hakim June 2014
  • The best will always surpass the good ones. Study, try and succeed. No victory is for free :)
  • On the other hand - except for the basic information there is not much going on here. Maybe, because people are so busy playing the game itself :) Within our order we exchange quite some information. That is often of help
    in Fortschritt Comment by Hakim May 2014
  • Our order is very alive! Try: Friedensbringer' Cheers: Hakim
    in Order Comment by Hakim May 2014
  • 'Critical Error' and restart. That is quite common to me. But at last life goes on later :)
    in Game Erorr ! Comment by Hakim May 2014
  • Brian, What I learned from my mother: Eat, what is on the table. If I don't like it, Ineed to cook myself :D This game is extremely complex and I suggest that you enjoy the present features first. Cheers: Hakim
  • Saipo, This game is world wide, and I expect that there are plenty of people who are not speaking English. I wonder if there are local forums?
    in Fortschritt Comment by Hakim May 2014
  • Such' mal 'Andreas der Juengere' und schick einen Freundschaftsantrag. Dann koennen wir uns austauschen :) Gruss - Andreas
    in Fortschritt Comment by Hakim May 2014
  • This one was very helpful. Thank you
  • It is possible to talk or to find out. Use your imagination... :) If you join our order, I tell you how - heh heh. But what I do presently, is only to address players who do not belong to an order yet. It is about fair play somehow...We have jumped …

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