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A smile makes the world a lil bit better place. It brightens the day for others. So let's make this world a lil bit better.    Smile to someone today.  


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  • Well, well, well. This was really great news. Love it! <3 Especially the reduced time on Fashion Boutiques and Pool Parlours. Thanks! 
  • Thank you Jenn. I've got my answers as well now. :D Things has just popped up and I didn't know from where really. But now it's clear. I really enjoy this quest. It's different and I don't mind the waiting times in between. :)
  • I'm looking for these tabs that are mentioned. But where are they? And. When is a patent showing up. I have way over 100 tickets now, but no patent. I have no tabs where I can exchange things in at all. So. I'm a bit confused. can you help me please?
  • I really like this quest. It's different and very nice looking trains.  :) I just hope to get an engine soon.  :) Nice graphics and different. 
  • Now. That looks very nice. :) Just don't know if my wallet allows any of them. In any case I hope they'll come back another time. Esp. the one for the bay. I really like it! 
  • I've tried to go through all ideas here and found some ideas I really agree with. A Bank. Would be awesome. On/off ramps to higways. Also some kind of cap on land. Or - Each new area we buy in starts from scratch - or near there. Like it starts low …
  • The new Bay items are great! :D But I wonder what to do with the Fairy keys, snow flake keys and the keys (don't remember the name) with a red heart in? Will these come back? 
  • I'm on part IV of this quest and have a lil bit more than 2 days to go, so I will make it - I hope. But I miss out here due to lack of enough dental surgeries. I only had 2 I just took my last SB's and bought a 3rd as this business (lack of enough t…

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