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  • Paul Nolson
    Hi when in The Bay Garden can you make it where we select one item and plant in all plots instead of clicking on each one separately then selecting what to plant as it so annoying when you want to plant the same crop
    28 янв
  • Mi Araújo

    I inadvertently sent my Candy Store to the Warehouse and it disappeared, what do I do now to recover it ??? Someone can help me??? URGENT!!! Thank you for your help
    25 янв
  • Mi Araújo

    I inadvertently sent my Candy Store to the Warehouse and it disappeared, what do I do now to recover it ??? Someone can help me??? URGENT!!! Thank you for your help
    25 янв
  • Mi Araújo
    Boa noite Anastasiia, preciso da sua ajuda urgente!!! Sem querer levei a minha Loja de Doces para o Armazém e ela desapareceu, o que faço agora para a recuperar??? Obrigada pela ajuda
    25 янв
  • Jerry Miles
    Why dose this game slow down every time someone visits city or gives me item,I know it's not my computer very large hard drive plenty of memory and fast.
    I have been cheated out of items on many occasions.I understand that some items only give it sometimes but there has been to many occasions that they just were not given. This makes me mad.I have been playing long enough and have spent a lot of money and really believe that  I have been cheated.I don't think it is being done on purpose however I would like addressed.The thing that bothers me the most is the rebooting and slow speed and it goes without saying that there too many timers on this game and you can never finish,and believe me I spend a lot of time on this game.So if you want to keep me as a customer please address these problems I don't have a problem with you guys making a lot of money as I believe in in free trade.I realize I'm building a cartoon city and enjoy the game except for some of these inconveniences.Just don't want to waste a lot of time and money on a slow game as I'm an old guy and don't know how much time l do have left.Thank you please let me know what you can do to clear up these issues. 
    23 янв
  • Trishawn Latrice Moore-koehn
    i purchased a  stop sign for $15,000.00 in coins. i did not receive it. 
    i checked my inventory box and it was not in there. Can you tell
    me, where i can locate it?

    21 янв
  • Le-An Hinkle
    I have question about the restaurant in the Bay... I have everything I am suppose to have to upgrade but it still will not let me upgrade... Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
    19 янв
  • Winna Hogue
    My game says connection has been reset and I can get on since yesterday.  I can't even see my game ID number.  I can get on at work, but not at home on this computer where I use it the most.
    17 янв
  • Gisela Lugo
    que pasa con supercity que no se puede jugar se desconfiguro la pagina
    14 янв
  • Maxwell Jacobs
    I’m not sure I’m in the right place to ask.. but for some reasons I can’t get in the game tonight! Anyone has the same problem I have?
    Декабрь 2019
    • Leslie Barker
      Leslie Barker
      yes me too
    • Annick Leprohon
      Annick Leprohon
      moi aussi depuis qu'ils ont remis l'ancien décor j'ai du mal a rentrer dans le jeu
    • Gisela Lugo
      Gisela Lugo
      si yo tampoco he podido entrar al juego no se que pasa
  • Leusa Rocha Luiz
    olá boa tarde minha cidade não quer ser traduzida em portugues estava certinho mas aperto o botão para mudança e nao muda
    Декабрь 2019
  • Mary Paddock
    hi i was wondering if i can try doing the sweetheart house quest it's been closed for a while but i need to do it for a quest that i am doing now how can i get this building or restart the quest again i found the steps i need to do it thank you
    Декабрь 2019
  • Katherine Provencher
    Dear Anastasliia I think your game is broke again.. I tried to open my presents and your game won't let me or many others who are complaining on SuperCity Elite because they can't call on you here in support their privilege to speak has been removed from them.. . Please if you could fix it so we can open our gifts we would humbly appreciate it.. Ty Oh and if you can remove my ban from commenting on game forum I would like that too. Please.. Thank you. We have put alot of money into this game we should be allowed to complain without having privilege removed to speak.. We live in Canada and the USA ..We aren't used to be censored. Again ty .. and Merry Christmas .. 
    Декабрь 2019
  • Yan
    Google Chrome, windows 7
    Декабрь 2019
  • Yan
    У меня опять началось: браузер не поддерживает HTML5, обновите браузер? На 2-х сайтах, ВК и ФС. Браузер переустановил, но всё по-прежнему. Если есть рекомендации, как теперь всё исправить, подскажите.
    Декабрь 2019

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