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  • Theodora Davanelos
    how do we start the Italian Square quest
    29 янв
  • Cheri Lee
    What happened to all extra marathon points?
    27 янв
  • Анна Козаченко
    Подскажите, куда теперь идут выигранные звезды за улучшение в новогоднем марафоне? Застряло на 250 и теперь выиграш никуда не добавляется.
    17 янв
  • Linda Talbot
    To whom it may concern,                                                                                                                              My member ID is 10207701514294429..This is my FAVORITE game...It's taken me bout 3 years to finally get neighbors that visit and help. (from 3-5 to 17 +) After taking a Long time to get past the pop-ups in the beginning, I'm stuck in my heart area and can collect after a lengthy time in immediate area only since new quest started. Can't move screen to collect anything or to do Quest.. Tried everything Playkot suggested without any results.. It's not our fault, it's at their end. Too many people having the same issues even on the fan page.. Sure hope it gets fixed soon, I finally have some great new neighbors that help out that I don't want to lose.. "PLEASE HELP!!"                                                                 Thanks                                                                                                                                                             lt
    16 янв
  • Nicole Dubois
    povez vous l,écrire en ,Français svp,je ne comprend pas l,Anglais ,merci ,Nicole Dubois merci ,
    14 янв
  • Janice Vally

    9 янв
  • Janice Vally
    This is so much fun!!!
    9 янв
  • Lothar Reehe
    Wunderschönen guten Abend.
    Würde Dich gerne als Nachbar einladen.
    Декабрь 2019

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