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  • stormieweather
    Please my prize wheel is not working,  and I am still losing my pick axes
    9 сен
  • Patri Lau
    Hola. El juego me avisa que hay una actualización disponible pero no hay opciones para bajarla. Cómo se hace? 
    También me entero de participar en la isla, obteniendo información para conseguir llaves. Me vendría muy bien. Estoy muy atrasada y no pude obtener más que 69 superbucks así es que no llegué aún (nivel 42) a comprar la fábrica de dulce 😥. Ni pude terminar ninguna construcción que pidiera algo de la fábrica como bollos de crema, etc. debo hacer.?
    Tampoco se cómo comprar con los superbucks el casino ... 😥🤦🏻‍♀️
    5 сен
  • Estelle Charlier
    J'avais une orange sanguine et un cocktail en stockage dans mes récompenses et elles ont disparues!!!
    Merci de faire le nécessaire rapidement. 
    29 авг
  • Estelle Charlier
    J'avais 1 orange sanguine et un cocktail en stockage dans mes récompenses et elles ont disparus!!!
    Merci de faire le nécessaire rapidement. 

    29 авг
  • Misty Rabb
    Okay I'm going to start from the beginning I started playing your game and I was very hooked I used to play the game on my Samsung Galaxy tablet which one morning I turned it on to play your game and I didn't have any screen so my tablet went out there's no other way to explain it so therefore I stop playing the game so I love your game so much I went and got my laptop fixed but apparently my laptop and your game or not compatible for some reason so I was dying to play your game still so I downloaded it on my phone according to your records it said that I haven't been on the game for 25 weeks and 4 days within those 25 weeks and 4 days your game has changed drastically as far as it's way too complicated you got to earn more things just to cut down the trees it makes no sense I thought this was supposed to be a kids game it's more like an adult Advance game it doesn't matter how long I play I'll go to your game throughout the day and collect points so I can cut down the trees and I still can't make it I don't understand it I love your game the way used to be either have it way too complicated and I'm a 45 year old woman okay
    27 авг
  • Linda Jones
    What can I do with all the reward decorations I get after finishing a mission that paid me Citybucks? Is there a way I can make more City bucks with them?
    21 авг
  • Mona_Lisa earned the 250 Likes badge.
    You received 250 Likes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    8 авг
  • Leninha C. Emerich
    Olá,  SuperCity mobile!
    IP 5033648
    Estou com problema na expedição... Caminhei, tirando os obstáculos folhas, árvores, pedras para chegar em talvez um baú q tem  aqui. 💼
    Do nada a City saiu com essa mensagem 🤷🏻‍♀️.
    Quando voltou o caminho que eu tinha limpado voltou tudo novamente e fiquei sem energia. 
    Estou triste! Gastamos muitas energia ⚡
    Preciso de ajuda!
    4 авг
  • Darlene Burack Kerr Ayres
    When I go to log into Facebook from the game,  it tells me that an error has occured. Try again later. Why won't it let me log into facebook?

    4 авг
  • stormieweather
    My game freeze 2sec.  when playing
    1 авг
  • Diana Proffitt
    I am looking for neighbors.  Please let me know if you would be interested.

    30 апр
  • Deidre Bruwer
    Hi Mona ,If been having problems with the  farms ect adding items one by one,but now my farms art working i can onley plant strawberrys pumpkin corn and squash
    1 авг
  • stormieweather
    Please fix the work shop app. All of the tools I use to clear stones keep dissapearing. This has happened 4 times, 
    31 июл
  • Helena Crepaldi
    Depois da última atualização, está impossível abastecer as fábricas, tecelagem e as plantações.
    Antes, bastava tocar rapidamente.
    Após a atualização, para abastecer tem que se fazer isso, de um por um.
    Está impossível fazer isso.
    Leva muito tempo.
    Tem como consertar isso?
    26 июл
  • თეა ურუშაძე
  • Maria Knappe
    1.  Wheel of Fortune does not play video, not give fortune ticket.   The loading icon appears and game freezes.
    2. When planning crops, or building electronics, or requesting fabrics, I need to specify which for every square.  Even though the picture appears for what I planted on the previous square, I still need to choose.  
    Please help?  Thank you
    25 июл
  • Maria Isabel
    No me deja saguir solo sale niebla en el camino y no hay plantas para quitar 
    24 июл
  • Maria Isabel
    24 июл

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