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  • newford9b
    I see we are back to the old routine again, when trying to go to a neighbour,s city,, it starts to download then when it achieves 85% ,it crashes ,and goes back to the tablet start screen
    9 фев
  • lunaboubi1
    ID 3338410
    Please note,after the last update,it's impossible to open the new adventure mysterious stranger
    Please help me as soon as possible
    4 фев
  • Cj Hunt
    I am getting booted each time I try to go into enchanted valley....I cannot access the new quest

    17 янв
  • Takasu Ryuji
    I lost my city when i tried to log in another account facebook , I sent to support a notification but I still haven't received a response... i need a support to help me get back city soon, thank u so much for reading this😥😥
    13 янв
    • Takasu Ryuji
      Takasu Ryuji
      My old supporter's name is Inna, but she didnt solve my problem
  • Luwardia
    Ik heb nog geen prijs van de Husky Park ontvangen.
    8 янв
  • Светлана Шитикова
    Почему я не получила награду за 1 место в последнем событии? 
    8 янв
  • Francine Socquié
    Are they called keyboards   Today and every forth day we are suppose to receive this free bonus to claim with a question mark.  It s been many weeks I don’t receive any or does not work    Is it a generality or just on my game is it working or a defect.  Thank you for answering.    
    6 янв
  • Kathy Boone
    Hi. I'm building the college. I had 5 keyboards and when I collected them the page went blank and now I only have one..... I only needed 4, but I produced 5. 
    Can you do anything about this?
    Kathy Boone
    1 янв

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